Mouth guards
Mouth guard is a soft, plastic, intraoral appliance that covers the palate and all the occlusal surfaces of the teeth. It is worn in contact sports to limit damage to tissues of the mouth, lips, and other oral surfaces.

We get many patients throughout the year who present with many avoidable sports dental injuries. Usually the severity of the injury can be minimized or completely avoided, by wearing a professionally fitted mouth guard. 

Who needs one?
Anyone who participates in sport that carries a risk of contact to the face should wear a mouth guard. This includes obvious sports such as football, boxing and rugby. Other sports that also need mouth guards are: basketball, hockey, water polo, lacrosse, netball, baseball, softball, squash, soccer, BMX riding, horse riding, skateboarding, in line skating, cricket, water skiing and snow skiing, …

Usually a collision, or knock to the face can cause broken/chipped teeth, internal tooth damage, jaw fractures, concussion and soft tissue trauma, sometimes making it expensive and painful to get the teeth back to normal function and appearance.

When should a mouth guard be worn?
Whenever playing (or training) a contact sport, you should always be wearing a custom made mouth guard where an injury might occur


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