Implant Dentistry
Dental Implant $2780 which include Implant placement and porcelain crown.

Dental implants can be an excellent way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Implants look and feel just like your natural teeth. This rapidly became a preference for many of our patients who wish to fix their missing teeth.An obvious advantage of placing an implant over a bridge or partial denture is that it does not involve or affect the adjacent natural teeth.

An implant can also be used to support dentures, especially in the lower jaw, to significantly enhance comfort and performance of the denture.

Dental implant may also stop or slow down the bone loss that occurs once teeth have been lost.

The benefits of dental implants have made it the best option to replace any missing teeth.


                         Before                                                     After



What is an implant?

A dental implant is like an artificial tooth root which is inserted into the jaw bone in the space left by a missing tooth. These titanium screws are about the size of a tooth root and act as a support for the overlying replacement tooth. Depending on the size of the space left by the missing tooth/teeth, one or more implants can be used. Once inserted, the root is covered with gum tissue and is allowed to heal.

After three months of healing, an artificial tooth or crown is attached to the implant. These implants not only support a single crown but may also support a bridge or entire denture.


How are implants placed?

Dental implants are surgically placed directly into the jawbone. First, x-rays/ CT scans are taken to make sure there is adequate bone in the jaw to support the titanium roots. Then, models of your mouth are created so precise measurements can be made. Once the exact location of the implant has been defined, it is surgically placed into the jawbone. This usually requires two procedures - one to place the titanium implant and another after the implants have healed completely to re-expose and connect a post to the implant. The artificial tooth/implant’s crown is then connected to the post.

Start-to-finish, the procedure can take between 3 - 6 months. The lengthy part is called Osseo-integration, which is the fusing of the implant to the bone tissue. In certain situations a new tooth can be placed immediately, and in others three months later. The best approach will be worked out at your assessment stage.


Do implants work for everyone?

A key requirement for the success of dental implant is good general health. You also have to have healthy gums and sufficient bone in your jaws to support the implants. You must also be meticulous about regular dental visits and your dental hygiene. Implants do not work as well if you suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes, as this can interfere with healing.

Smokers are also not good candidates for implants; smokers are at greater risk for gum disease than non-smokers, and gum disease weakens the gum and bone tissue needed to support implants.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the right jaw structure for implants. Adequate bone is required for implant placement. Bone grafting may be a solution if that is the case.

Our office is committed to offering the most advanced technology available that will help our patients. Today, any patient who has missing teeth can be a candidate for dental implants. Implants are lifelike and practically indistinguishable from natural teeth, and they fit so securely that you won’t even notice them when you chew and speak. In essence, they’re the next best thing to your natural teeth.

Dr Le has training, expertise, and experience with dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, he is able to offer a number of options to beautify your smiles. Our entire office is proud of the implant services we are providing. We look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have about dental implants or any other concern that you have about your smile.

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