Functional Appliances
FREE First Consultation for Dentofacial Orthopaedic, Functional Appliances treatment including Schwarz and Twin blocks appliances.
Functional Appliances
We often use the following Orthopaedic Appliances:
Removable Schwarz appliance: a plate to widen jaw, dental arch and/or to correct any teeth in cross bite.  Treatment ofter take 2-3 months.
Functional Appliance or Twin Blocks: an upper and lower plate specially made to re position the lower jaw forward, to correct the jaw relationship, improve facial profile and eliminate big over bite.  
The effectiveness of a functional appliance depends on:
How often the appliance is worn
How quickly the patient is growing
Functional appliances align the jaws not the teeth, so they are usually used as a first stage of treatment (in a growing patient with a significant jaw disharmony) prior to the alignment of the teeth with fixed appliances (braces).
Life with Othodontic Appliance:
They are custom made from the mold of your teeth, they will fit well and should "click" into place when the appliance is issued by Dr Le.
Appliance must be worn when eating right away.  It may take up to 2-3 days to get use to the appliance with eating and talking.  The mouth often make a little more saliva when first put appliance in but this should settle down after a few hours. 
Wear it 24 hours a day EXCEPT when Swimming and play contact sport. 
Put the appliance into the protective case given by Best Western Dental immediatly when take it out of the mouth, and put it back immediatly after swimming or playing contact sport.
Wear it even if a piece is broken for what ever the reason until the next schedule appoinment.
Call to make an appointment to see Dr Le if got pain,and try to wear the appliance as much as possible until being seen by the dentist.
Clean it by soaking in white vinega for 2-4 minutes when brushing teeth after eating, then scrub the appliance use a big tooth brush with dishwashing detergent.  Rinse it well prior to put back into the mouth.
Do NOT: Take it out when eating.
Do NOT: Drop the appliance as it would break.
Do NOT: Leave it near heat or in hot car as appliance will change in shape and will NOT fit
Do NOT: Leave it in a tissue when not in the mouth as others may throw it out.
Do NOT: Leave it in your pocket without protective case as a piece would break where repair may needed and treatment will take longer and could cost more.

We are providing Functional Appliances treatments for patients from Penrith and surrounding areas including Windsor, St Marys, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill...

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