Crown and bridge aftercare
It is important to look after you dental crown and bridge well to make them last!
This information is useful for anyone who has or about to have crown and bridge done for their teeth.
For Dentist to make a good crown/bridge for you, your gum must be healthy. 
Practice good oral hygiene as it is essential: brushing teeth 2 times daily after breakfast and before bedtime, with extra attention around the margins (where the gum meets the tooth), plus flossing before bed time daily. If you have crowns that join together (= bridge) you should clean under and in between crowns daily with a Water Pik
Use Savacol mouth wash, from Chemist or supermarket, gargle the mouth wash for 1 minute, 3 times per day for 5 days before the crown preparation and before the crown issue appointment. 
Temporary crown(s): are only supposed to be there for a few weeks, as a temporary restoration while the permanent one is being made.  It is not as nice and not as strong as the permanent one.  You must avoid eating on that temporary crown, but must brush it well, where teeth meet the gum, to keep your gum healthy. If temporary crowns join together, you should use: Water Pik (water flosser) to clean under and in between the crowns.
Crowns and bridges will last many years with proper dental care. The crown(s) itself does not get decay; however the tooth which the crown(s) sit on can get decay and gum disease.
Regular examinations play a vital role in maintaining optimal dental health and allows is to manage problems in their early stages. We recommend that you come and see us for a check up and clean every 6 months. 
Our warrantees of on all crown and bridges are three years (excludes trauma). This only applies if you are come in every 6 months to get your teeth check and clean. 
You may also need to wear an occlusal splint OR get Botox injection treatment for your TMJ, to stop you breaking your teeth and the restorations if you grind your teeth while sleeping.
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