All On 4 cost
$15,990 for All-On-4 including: planning, placement of 4 implant, Provisional Acrylic Bridge
All On 4 cost
All-on-4 cost
Step 1: Initial Consultation, examination, radiographic examination - FREE
Cone Beam CT and initial Cone Beam CT scan assessment            
Item numbers: 011, 037, 039
Step 2:  Impressions and measurements - $2990
Item numbers: 071,072, often 711 or 712      
Step 3: Insertion of 4 implants, 4 Abutments, Provisional teeth: Acrylic Bridge (1 year warranty) - $13,000
Item numbers: 688 x 4, 661 x 4   
Step 4: Two Weeks Later - Surgical review appointment
Step 5: Three Months Later - Hygiene appointment and planning for long-term restorative solution - FREE
Item numbers: 114 x 1   
Maintenance Removal and cleaning: 1 year unlimited - FREE
Total Cost per Arch: $15,990 with provisional acrylic bridge
Permanent Teeth options
(Minimum 3 months after Step 3 above)
OPTION 1:  Metal Reinforced High Impact Acrylic Bridge: $4,000
We use high quality Ivoclar teeth, a metal reinforcing bar and a specialised high impact acrylic to make this bridge
WARRANTY: 12 months*             
OPTION 2:  Advanced CAD CAM titanium reinforced Hybrid Bridge: $8,000
This bridge uses the same high quality Ivoclar teeth and high impact acrylic but instead of a simple metal bar, the bridge is reinforced with CAD CAM (computer designed and milled) titanium sub-structure. This allows the bridge to be made thinner and stronger. This bridge also allows us to have polished titanium metal in contact with the gums which is easier to clean and therefore creating a more hygienic environment under the bridge.
WARRANTY: 5 years*    
OPTION 3:  Davis bridge: Premium Zirconia And Titanium Hybrid Bridge $13,000
The bridge is made from a Zirconia framework, supported by a custom milled and designed titanium sub-structure. The teeth themselves are made from Zirconia and are extremely strong, the facial surface of teeth are cover in porcelain, making them look and feel of natural teeth.
WARRANTY: 10 years*
For all above options, for 1 year:
FREE Unlimited adjustments
FREE Removal and cleaning at 6 months and 1 year         
*Valid warranty requires 6 month reviews to ensure the health of the implants and teeth. Early detection of any problems allows for quick and easy intervention, prolonged failure to treat these problems may lead to advanced complications which cannot be repaired or reversed. Failure to attend 6 monthly reviews will void warranty. You must also adhere to our recommended home care of your dental implants, teeth and gums.
Please call us for a free consultation on 02 4731 4655 to determine your suitability for All-On-4.
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