Guided implant placement
Dr Le use MGUIDE to place conventional dental implant with minimal discomfort and no swelling

Dr Le is the first Dentist in Sydney that use this latest technology to place dental implants after MGUIDE launched in Sydney in August 2015.  This technology has been developed and tested in Europe before got to Australia

We are using M-Guide surgical template for implant placement which is extremely accurate, user friendly 3D printers provided by the world’s most experienced name in 3D printing machines. Dr Le uses the MGUIDE surgical set which is comprised of tools and instruments specially engineered to optimize the guided implant placement procedure.


Advantages of MGUIDE:

i. More accurate implant placement, avoid vital nerves and the maxillary sinus

ii. Flapless surgery, this mean NO swelling associate with implant placement, less pain and less recover time associate with getting dental implant treatment.



Dr Le do NOT charge extra for Dental implants placed use MGUIDE 

Call us today on 4731 4655 to enquire about this exciting technology when you get your dental implant done!

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