Dental Implant Cost
$2,780.00* to replace a single root tooth including implant placement and Ceramic Crown. $15,500 for All-on-4: full arch bridge support by 4 dental implants!
Dental Implant Cost

*Keyhole implant: $2780

Titanium Implant   (item number  688: $1000 + item number 661: $380):   $1380

Item number 688: Insert of Titanium implant 

Item number 661: Fitting abutment, per abutment

Porcelain Crown (item number 671 or 672):  $1400

*This price apply only for Keyhole implant.  This implant is only suitable to replace smaller tooth, with less occlusal biting force, these are: lower 4 front teeth.  In selected cases it is also suitable for upper lateral incisor, premolars.           


Tooth implant: $3,990 with Standard crown

Cone Beam CT scan

Guided surgery 

Premium Titanium Implant

Healing abutment  

Implant Abutment

Standard Implant Crown  

All inclusive, no other hidden cost


Tooth Implant: $4,490 with Premium crown 

Cone Beam CT scan

Guided surgery

Premium Titanium Implant

Healing abutment  

Implant Abutment

Premium Implant Crown - 5 years warranty

All inclusive, no other hidden cost.


Bone grafting

Osseous graft – per tooth or implant -- item number 243: from $300


Sinus lift

From $800 price inclusive of bone graft material


Block Graft, Soft tissue graft

Price varies, depend on any other procedure to be carry out at that same time


All-on-4: $15,500 including the provisional bridge

This price include:

1.  implant planning and records

2. 4 x implants placement and abutments

3.  Metal reinforced Acrylic Bridge

This bridge uses the high quality Ivoclar teeth and high impact acrylic, the bridge is reinforced with a metal bar.
WARRANTY: 1 years
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