All Missing Teeth
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All Missing Teeth

Hybrid (prosthesis that has teeth and gum) on dental implants are the best way to replace all missing teeth. ALL-ON-4 is an example of this.


When you have all teeth missing you can have either of the following options:

  1. Removable full denture
  2. Dental implants and dentures that are removable
  3. Dental implants and Hybrid (prosthesis that has teeth and gum) that are fixed and you can’t remove them: All on 4
  4. Dental implants and full arch porcelain bridges that are fixed and you can’t remove them: Bridge on 4 or 5 or 6 (depend on the number of implant the bridge is sit on)

The last 2 options being the number one choice for those looking for better results, and this happen to be the more expensive options.

Dentures are way less visually appealing than dental implant bridge and must be removed for cleaning after food and at night. Although dentures aim is to function like normal teeth, but more than 50% of people wearing denture especially lower full denture would not be happy with them as they move with talking plus hurting with eating . Dentures are cheaper than dental implants and much better than no teeth at all.


All on 4: are Hybrid (prosthesis that has teeth and gum) often are  your best option for replacing all of your missing teeth. You’ll be able to eat all kinds of hard and sticky foods with implants without having to worry about them moving or breaking like you would with dentures. Implants will never move as they are permanently inserted into the jaw bone of your mouth. 

All on 4  is cheaper to make and easier to keep clean than full arch bridge on implants 

We are providing All Missing Teeth for patients from Penrith and surrounding areas including Windsor, St Marys, Mount Druitt and Rooty Hill...


Dr Nathan Le offer both dentures and implants for dentures for those who need it, so call us today on 4731 4655 to set up the appointment that will change your life for the better.

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